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Here you will find videos, photos and more interesting things to see and know regarding our country and about cycling here.

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Here’s what enduro-mtb is writing about our country :

Video: Romania – don’t you dare waste the time looking for Dracula!

The homeland of Vlad the Impaler, commonly called Count Dracula, is undoubtedly one of the most interesting countries in Europe. It has become a more and more popular destination among European tourists, willing to either witness the birthplace of the culture’s most popular vampire or simply visit its stunning towns and castles. Romania lured us with something much different – picturesque and solitary mountain ranges of Rodna and Făgăraș. more here

6 days mtb trip in The Carpathians, Romania. Very nice movie and an awesome ride. I think you loved the experience the Romania gave you. Come back ! Thank you for visiting us. Keep on pedal !

Roumanie – Transylvanie S02 Ep02 from NATURALMTB on Vimeo.


Mtb tour of Bucegi Mountains, High Plateau and Ridge in Carpathians, Romania


Fifty Shades of Romania EPISODE I

Here is the first Episode of “Fifty Shades of Romania”, which summarize the first month (march) of the Erasmus experience in Brasov.
Enjoy !

Biking adventure to mythical event from Găina Mountain, Romania

Cycling trip in Apuseni Mountains, made in June 2013

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